About Me

My name is Marcie Lindsay and I am the owner of Rapunzel’s Boutique. I came up with the name for my store the way I do most things…. in my sleep! I wanted a name that would suggest hair accessories, but not necessarily limit me to that.
I’m not sure what has inspired my deep affection for hair accessories of all kinds. Maybe it was my experience of being a hairless child until the age of 4. I guess being called a boy enough times affected my ego and turned me towards all things girly. I began my business 9 years ago with the birth of my first and only daughter (3 boys to follow). I have been a craft fair and consignment junkie ever since then. However, I am excited to embark on the adventure of running my OWN STORE! We opened the first weekend in March and we made it through our first month with tons of support!
 My business is basically a hobby that satisfies my inner drive (or obsession) to create, create, and CREATE. I love to search the world (literally) to find unique and adorable supplies to use for my products. My dream is to pass my hair accessory craze on to every baby, girl and women that I meet (and maybe make a little money while doing so)!!!! 
My boutique is located at 1880 E. 17th St. in Idaho Falls. We are in a spacious location with tons of room to grow. One of our upcoming additions is Revival Chic furniture. I have teamed up with my best friend, Rachel Olsen, to give new life to old furniture in a shabby chic, distressed style. We have had an outrageous amount of fun working on our creations. We plan to launch our furniture collection in early May. Join us on www.revivalchic.blogspot.com to stay updated on our Grand Opening as well as photos of new pieces available for purchase.